Casey's Cemetery Grave Photos
Casey's Cemetery Grave Photos



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Below is a list of surnames from Casey's Cemetery located in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA within (but not owned by) Crest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. Noted Atlanta historian Franklin M. Garrett walked through this cemetery and recorded the names on the tombstones on May 29, 1931. This listing does not reflect any burials after this date. There are approx. 200 names on this list.

The address of Crest Lawn Memorial Park is:
2000 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-2871
Phone: (404) 355-3380

Click here and here for area maps showing the location (marked with a red star).

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Agnes Berryhill DC
Agnes Berryhill Death Certificate

Elizabeth Bond
Elizabeth Bond grave stone

Joseph Berryhill DC
Joseph Berryhill Death Certificate

John A. Casey
John A. Casey grave stone

Susan C. Casey
Susan C. Casey grave stone

Bert Donaldson grave
James B. Martin (1842 - c.1915); 1st husband of Narcissa Casey (1851 - 1933)
Robert 'Bert' Donaldson (1872 - 1926); 2nd husband of Narcissa Casey

James Dunaway grave
James Dunaway grave stone

John Findley grave
John Findley grave stone

Dollis Golden grave
Dollis Golden grave stone

F. Golden grave stone grave
Fendol S. Golden and Susan E. Golden grave stone

Willis Golden grave
Willis Golden grave stone

Gordon Hamby grave
Gordon Hamby grave stone

J. N. Hancock grave
J. N. Hancock grave stone

John Oliver Hendrix grave
John Oliver Hendrix grave stone

Sarah Hood
Sarah Hood (nee: Cannon) Death Certificate

Clifford Horton grave
Clifford Horton grave stone

Robert P. Horton grave stone
Robert P. Horton grave stone

Geo-Martha Howard grave
George and Martha Howard grave stone

Jones family grave
William and Alice Jones grave stone

Alfred Lamb
Alfred Lamb grave stone. Note this stone has 4 sides. Note Rachael Lamb. See pictures below.

Lamb stone
The following people are listed on this side of the grave stone:
Elizabeth Lamb
Catherine Lamb
Jane Campbell Lamb

Lamb stone
The following people are listed on this side of the grave stone:
Jefferson Lamb
Cora Lamb

Eli McCravy grave
Eli McCravy grave stone

Daniel McDuffie grave
Daniel and Mary F. McDuffie grave stone

Myrtice Pearl Medley grave
Myrtice Pearl Medley grave stone

Janet Diane Petty mentioned in Berryhill writeup

Map with grave locations

Map with grave locations

Lillie Berryhill

Sarah Berryhill

Zadie Berryhill

Janet Diane Petty

Emma Eliza Johns Reeves obit
Emma Eliza Johns Reeves (c.1836 - March 31, 1904)
Obituary from Atlanta Constitution April 3, 1904.

Nancy Sweat DC
Nancy Sweat Death Certificate




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