Annotated Lincoln County, TN 1850 Federal Census Infant Birth Dates
 A note about age of children under the age of 1 year

When you look at the ages on a census, infants under the age of 1, will have a fractional date such as 3/12. The official census date for the 1850 Lincoln County, TN Federal Census was June 1, 1850, although the enumerator may have visited the household at a later date. When determining the age of an infant under 1 years of age they used June 1, 1850 to come up with the '12th's' value.

I have converted all the '12th's' to a Month and Year. I also indicated "Lincoln Co., TN?" for a birth place and added the source: "Calculated from fractional year on the 1850 US Federal Census Lincoln County, Tennessee transcription." You can use the table below to convert the dates back to the fractional value on the census.

x/12th Equates to:
1/12 May 1850
1/12 April 1850
3/12 March 1850
4/12 February 1850
5/12 January 1850
6/12 December 1849
7/12 November 1849
8/12 October 1849
9/12 September 1849
10/12 August 1849
11/12 July 1849

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