Annotated Lincoln County, TN 1850 Federal Census Reference Codes
 Using the Reference Codes

Pay close attention to the notes symbol attached to the individuals. I have attempted to source every piece of information in the file. Below is a list of the codes used as References.

Code Equates to:
@ Indicates there seems to be an issue with something in the data, i.e., a big age discrepancy or the father died before the child attributed to him was conceived :-) In some cases, I have lost track of the source for the data and the @ is there to remind me to track down the source.
^ This person may be a duplicate of someone else in the file because there is not enough information to match them up.
A Was an annotation on the "1850 Annotated Lincoln County, TN federal census"
C Lincoln County Genealogical Society Ancestor Chart
E Research from Noveda Metzger
F A file exists about this person. Contact Diane Casey for details.
G Goodspeed Biographies published in 1887. Mostly from LCT but check notation, some are from other counties.
H Heritage of Lincoln County Tennessee. Biographies published in 2005 by Lincoln County Heritage Book Committee and Walsworth Publishing.
L Lincoln Lineage published by the Lincoln County Genealogical Society
M From the 1850 or 1860 Mortalty Index
N From newspapers such as The Village Messenger or the Fayetteville Observer Newspapers

Elk Valley Times, [1966 - present]
Merged with Fayetteville Observer to form Elk Valley Times And Observer

Fayetteville Observer, [1850-1966]

Lincoln County News (1915 - 1976)

Lincoln Journal (1839 - 1861)

Village Messenger published by Ebenezer Hill, [1823-1828]
O Obituary
P LCT Pioneers (link to index) available for purchase from the Lincoln County Genealogical Society
Q Civil War Veterans Questionaires
R There is at least one researcher actively researching this person and there may be notes attached for the individual
S This person listed on the 1860 LCT census. Please consider purchasing this CD if you find it helpful to support this worthwhile cause.
T Rootsweb TNLINCOL Email Discussion List for Lincoln County, Tennessee posting. The archives of this list can be searched by typing TNLINCOL in the blank.

A discussion on the citations used (in hindsight):
- The genealogy program I used has limited space to put in source citations. It was the best program available when I started doing this project back in 1998.

To switch to a new program now will take tens of thousands of hours of work so I am somewhat stuck with what I used - for the immediate future.

- I never expected Rootsweb to use the numbering system they did, i.e., TNLINCOL-D Digest V06 #215 for as many years as they did (about 6 years) and then have no way to actually look up list entries using this number. I only found this out after they went to a new numbering scheme in late 2006.

To go back and lookup every citation I used and replace it with a different citation is time consuming and I am not sure alternatives are any better (poster's email address - email addresses change frequently; post date - not sure you can search on this).

Having said the above, I offer the suggestions below for searching the TNLINCOL archives:
Example citation: TNLINCOL-D Digest V06 #215

1. The Volume number can be translated to the year of the post:
Vol 1 = 2001
Vol 2 = 2002, etc.

2. The number after the pound sign (#) stood for the digest number. Digest mode is when you receive the list postings in one email rather than as separate emails. The higher the number after the pound sign (#), the later in the calendar year the item was posted. The TNLINCOL list is very active and sometimes there were 2 digests a day. But at other times there were no digests for a particular day.

3. You can sometimes search by the citation, ex: TNLINCOL-D Digest V06 #215 or a portion of it (TNLINCOL-D Digest V06 #21). Then by looking at those results, you can narrow down the date the citation that you are looking for was posted.

4. Below is a sample entry returned from a search:

Filename: 216
Match Number: 1 of 331
Score: 100
Headline Field [SUBJECT]: Re: TNLINCOL-D Digest V06 #215
The number after 'Filename' many times is one more than the number behind the pound sign.
Clicking on the item that follows this theory should usually get you the entry I was citing when I cited it.
U URL - refers to a web page
One web page referred to frequently is the George Waller Annotated 1820 TN census on the web.
V Civil War Veteran Pension Application
W LCT Will Book
X This person may never have existed, many times the person is just a placeholder to link siblings.
Y Either this person or his widow filed Confederate Pension Application. This information found at: TENNESSEE CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATIONS: SOLDIERS AND WIDOWS. The county they lived in in the year (1891 for soldiers; 1905 for widows) they applied i.e., (Lincoln County) is the county listed on this site.

I am interested in learning of any ancestors you have from this list.
Z This person spent time in the Tennessee State Prison. This information found at: INMATES OF THE TENNESSEE STATE PENITENTIARY 1831 - 1850. It is unclear if the county listed i.e., (Lincoln County) is the county in which the crime was commited or the county in which they live in or both.

The Tennessee State Penitentiary opened in 1831. Prior to that offenders were held in county jails.

I am interested in learning of any ancestors you have from this list. You should also check surrounding counties. For example, Marshall County was formed from part of Lincoln County in 1836 (and other counties) so someone whom you found in Lincoln County prior to 1836 may now be listed under Marshall County after 1836.

If you have any corrections to any information presented on this page, please send an email to the List Manager.  Please place '1850 LCT Correction' in subject for faster response. It is IMPORTANT to include LCT somewhere in your email as I have other area genealogies on the web and am sometimes confused when I receive an email as to which locality the person is talking about. If possible, send a scan of a primary source document such as a marriage certificate supporting the changes you wish to have made.

Thank you, Diane Casey

Last changed  September 2, 2006