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 ******PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!****** 

Rules for usage

1. Please consider the information on this web page as a Genealogical LEAD only.
2. Please do not take any of the information on these pages as fact. You should go to the primary sources and look up the information for yourself, ESPECIALLY if you intend to distribute your genealogy.
3. Please attribute any information you take from this web page either to the web page or to the "Annotated 1850 census."
4. NOTICE: The information transcribed and placed on this website is for your non-commercial use. Reproduction of any of this information for sale is not allowed.

If you do not agree to the above rules, please do not proceed further. Permission to use the information on these pages is revoked.

If you find any of the information on this web page helpful, please consider making a donation to:

   Lincoln County Genealogical Society
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Thank you, Diane Casey

 Lincoln County Tennessee 1850 Census Surname List

If you agree to the above rules, click here to view the Lincoln County, Tennessee 1850 Census Surname List.

 What is the 1850 Annotated Census?

This is a 425 page book I purchased from the Lincoln County Genealogical Society in Fayetteville, TN while visiting there around 1996. It is a typewritten transcription of every name on the 1850 US Federal Census Lincoln County, Tennessee. It was created by Deane Porch and the copy I have is dated "1970".

Then, sometime after that, someone annotated handwritten notes onto the typed copy. The consensus is that most of the annotations were done by Martha Ann Taft Lewter. The annotations in the margins were notations such as: 'Mary Smith married Jim Reed in LCT April 12, 1842'. 'Mary Blue is the daughter of William and Mary Brown'. 'June Jones died of measles January 1856', etc. Click here for a representative page from the annotation.

I was so impressed at the extent of the work done before me that it seemed a shame not to have it in some indexable form. Originally I was just going to make a list of names. Eventually it dawned on me that it would work better in a genealogy program.

Organization of the Data on this website
There is an important difference between the way this information is presented versus the columnar listing most census listings are in. You will note that the data is in "Family" format as opposed to the columnar listing most censuses listing are in.

 Hints About The Information

Please pay attention to the notes and sources attached to the records.
They will provide items such as:
   -birth date and sometimes place information and source of information, when available
      For dates, if it is a birth YEAR only, that information typically would have come from the
      1850 census
   -death date and sometimes place information and source of information, when available
   -marriage information and source of information, when available
   -occupation and source of information, when available
   -burial information and source of information, when available
   -whether this person was actually on the 1850 census
   -general notes about an event of information, etc.

Don't Be Mislead!
Because of the family 'group sheet' format, there are some nuances that you may miss. Pay attention to the household everyone listed on the group sheet is in.
   - Just because they are linked to the family does not mean that they are all in the same household
     on the 1850 census.
   - They may be listed in the household on the census but not attached to that family group on this
     web site. This could include widowed married daughters, mother-in-laws, grandchildren.
     If I didn't know, I didn't connect them.
   - Some children who may actually be grandchildren might be connected to the head of household as
     children. My reasoning is that they are most likely related and it better that they are
     connected then not at all.

Because of what I have said above, I can not *emphasize* how important it is to read the notes on each and every person. They will give you hints as to what assumptions were made or potential problems there may be with the data.

Page Numbers
The page numbers listed for the 1850 census are the page numbers from the Annotated Lincoln County, TN 1850 Federal Census book - not from the actual census itself.

While the majority of people listed in this file ARE on the 1850 census, there are some who are not. Some of the additional people are from the annotations on the 1850 Annotated Census pages. Below are reasons why additional people may have been added:

   -annotations in the margins of the 1850 US Federal Census for Lincoln County, Tennessee book
   -1860 US Federal Census for Lincoln County, Tennessee listing
   -newspaper articles about LCT happenings
   -postings to the Lincoln County, Tennessee rootsweb Email Discussion List
   -Goodspeed's biographies from many Tennessee Counties
   -information in the LCT PIoneers
   -contributions from researchers

It is important that you pay close attention to the Notes attached to the individuals. This is where I reference the source of the information. If you see REF = followed by any number, it means that this person is on the 1850 US Federal Census from Lincoln County, Tennessee and that number is the household they will be found in. If there is no number in the REF field, then they were NOT on the census and the information came from another source. I have attempted to source every piece of information in the file. Click here to get a list of the codes used as References.

Infant's Ages
When you look at the ages on a census, infants under the age of 1, will have a fractional date such as 3/12. The official census date for the 1850 Lincoln County, TN Federal Census was June 1, 1850 (although the enumerator may have visited the household at a later date). When determining the age of an infant under 1 years of age, they used June 1, 1850 as the starting point to come up with the '12th's' value.

I have converted all the '12th's' to a Month and Year. I also indicated "Lincoln Co., TN?" for a birth place and added the source: "Calculated from fractional year on the 1850 US Federal Census Lincoln County, Tennessee transcription." Click here to convert the dates back to the fractional value on the census.

Additional resources for Lincoln Co., TN
I do not have a detailed map of Map of Lincoln Co., TN for the year 1850. An 1870 map of Lincoln Co., TN is available for reference.

This page is helpful for determining where a city is in present day, the longitude and latitude, the correct spelling, cemetery lists, and a current day map, etc.

What was the thought behind this?

I started with the concept of how hard it is to find the maiden names of women in genealogy. In Lincoln County, TN we have a lot of great resources such as the 25+ years of the LCT Pioneers, the Marsh books, etc. A lot of times we have the ability to add information and connect up families. The 1850 census was the first census where you see names and age information other than the head of household. I wanted to make this information available in a way that you could look for someone by first name or of a certain age. Alternately, here is a link to the 1850 census surnames in traditional listing format (not created by me).

Why am I doing this?

There is a tradition that each person dies three times.

First, there is the moment in which the body stops functioning.

Second, when the remains are consigned to the grave.

Third, is that moment, sometime in the future, in which no one remembers the person and their name is spoken for the last time. Then the person is really gone.

I believe that genealogists who preserve the memories of persons from their own familial past are preventing that third death. Let us keep our ancestors and loved ones alive forever by never forgetting that if it were not for them we would not have existed.

Comments, corrections....
Please note that I am NOT researching the majority of families on this census. In most cases, the information provided on these pages is the only information I have.

I want to keep the information on these pages as much like the 1850 Deane Porch annotated book as possible yet I am willing to add your comments if they can be substantiated by primary sources. Otherwise, the files will become hopelessly diluted by more mistakes than the census taker, transcriber, annotator and I have already injected. I am sure you have already seen many family trees for the same family on Web sites such as Ancestry with conflicting information. I would really like to avoid adding to this mess.

If you have any corrections to any information presented on this page, please click here.


I have been working on this project off and on for the last 7+ years. Noveda Metzger, has been assisting me with her magnificent typing skills for the last several years. The contents of these 8000+ web pages are the result of a total volunteer effort.

Thanks to Noveda Metzger, Gladys Shannon, and Bob Fieg for their help on this. They really helped me to make this dream a reality.


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